Monte Lauaki
Memorial Page

by Zac Bailey of Freds Electric

Monte Lauaki was a pure heart, someone who never showed pettiness or selfishness. He was born in Tonga and brought rugby to Kihei with him. He was an athlete with no quit.

In all the years that I have known Monte, I never heard him say anything bad about anybody. He always brought a smile and his best game to the park every Saturday, even though every Friday (in the last months of his life) he had to endured the rigors of chemotherapy. He would extend a giant paw of a hand to me and smile and not have to say anything - his shoes were on with his bat & glove in his hands.

Seeing Monte's struggle to maintain a normal life through the pain he endured was hard for all that knew and loved him. We went to his funeral and for me it was a whole other experience from some of the ways I have seen other people gather to say goodbye to their loved ones. Monte's family had united for two weeks to celebrate his life after his passing and it seemed to me that during that time, they had all found peace and helped release his spirit to find it's new destination.

Monte is survived by his wife Leeann, daughters Temulisa & Liete and sons Vo & Pula. They are all in our thoughts and prayers. On behalf of Leeann and her family, Freddies Electric team members would like to thank Haliimaile Softball League for the financial support given to the Lauaki family, you have shown that we are all ohana.

Aloha Monte, we'll miss you.