"Mo Mclaughlin" Memorial Section
A Tribute to a Great Friend
Got Mo? Mo Mclaughlin Got Mo?

by Kenny Wilson

Andy "Mo" Mclaughlin was funny! That's the best way I can think of to describe him. He was really funny.

There were times hanging with Mo at the ballpark where he could get you laughing so hard your jaws ached and you're just caught up in the flow of his view of life, leaving you shaking your head at the clever way he could put a joke in any situation - especially baseball.

He was absolutely the best heckler I've ever heard - nobody compares. From his classic "That swing couldn't break a pinata!" to "Take that glove back to the blacksmith!" to his famous "He ain't shit - He is too!" chant, he was the most entertaining person to watch a ball game with, ever. The reason Mo could heckle was that he was a great ball player too, and he could back it up.

In his younger days he had great power. I've seen him call his homeruns over the fence - sort of Babe Ruth like. I've seen him make great defensive plays in the infield, outfield, whatever and he could pitch too. In the late 80's, Mo played on my team in 3 tournaments in a row and we won all three, going undefeated and Mo was the most valuable player each time, as a pitcher!

I played ball with Mo for over twenty years, mostly in the over 40 leagues. He was our fourth or fifth hitter in the lineup and commanded a lot of respect. Bad feet slowed him down some what so he played a lot at first base - but he could still hit.

We beat a great team from Oahu, in a tournament a few years back, and Mo went 5 for 5, inculding the game winning hit - a 3 run homerun to right center. We went on to win that tourney and Mo was awarded most valuable player, again. We really had a great time.

What I really choose to remember about Mo was his courage. When doctors told him how serious his condition was, he wanted to talk about the condition of my daughter who was recovering from a terrible fall. He just laughed about his predicament much like someone might laugh off a bad luck day. He showed me great courage in what was, undoubtedly, his last hours on earth. Mo died of a brain aneurism November of 1999.

God Bless him, I will miss him a lot.

Kenny Wilson -- Commissioner, Haliimaile Softball League

PS - Sorry it took so long to write this sort of eulogy - It still hurts.

by Jim (Jimbo) Niess

Here's my Mo contribution......

If you're reading this you've already read Kenny's piece. Mo was a heckler, he was the quitessential, el-supremo heckler! Second to none - Mo lived to heckle. He pulled us all into his fun loving spirit, made junior hecklers of us all, and gave each Saturday a personality of its own.

Musta been ten or maybe fifteen years Danno and I were young recruits playing for the Heavies or was it the Generals or one of those other pre-Wheels teams we played on. I was playing right field when Mr. Kev Fanara snapped one of those foot-shifting, high spin, corkscrew linedrives into shallow right. The ball hit 6 inches in front of my glove, took a damned nasty lurch to the right, blew straight by me - to the fence - in the park home run....typical Fanarra.

Burned and humiliated, I was just picking my ego off the turf when this piercing taunt shot off heckle hill -----"WHO'S BROTHER WAS THAT ???!!!"----Of course it was Mo, who else? In four crisp, concise words he had both Danno and me by the balls. My ears started to burn. Dark clouds of profane nastyness welled up from some black hole way down there.

Yet, it was only a few seconds before I realized that I had finally arrived. I had been baptised at the "Alter of MO". I had been accepted into that vast fraternity of Haliimaile ballplayers that had been crusified by the great one.

I thanked the day Mo became a devout Wheely....Mo always spared his teammates - at least on the ballfield - partly because he was always busy taunting the few fans that dared heckle him while he was playing.

Of course we miss his intelligent patter and his larger than life presence, but Mo would be the last guy to moan his absence. His spirit lives on in all of us 'junior hecklers'. So if you get slammed from the hill by one of us, don't take it personal----it was just Mo havin one last good laugh at your expense.......

Jim (Jimbo) Niess
April 2002

by Bart Evans

To be honest with you, I really did not know Mo that well, and I regret that now. I'm a relative newcomer to the Haliimaile League. I've only played there about 6 years. My first time at that park I was watching a game and enjoying a cold beverage when I heard this huge, bellowing voice shouting out one liners that damn near brought tears to my eyes (from laughter). My immediate thought was, "Who is this idiot".

Well, over the next few years I got to know the the "idiot" as Mo. He was a big man with a bigger voice. I always thought he should have been a theatre actor because of his voice. I could usually hear him before I even got out of my truck. He heckled like no one else could. I remember he got Sean one day after a long out. He yelled, " What are you swinging, a purse?" That brought on a lot of laughter at the park.

He heckled me too and I was accepted into the best league that I have ever played in, in my 20 years of playing.
One day he was wearing the most butt ugly yellow softball cleats that I have ever seen. He was playing third base, so he was a prime target of all of the hecklers on the hill that day.

I was all over him, analyzing and criticizing his every move. After he booted a hot shot, I yelled, "it must be those shoes". It wasn't my best stuff, and it definitely wasn't near Mo's stuff, but it worked. Do you know what Mo did? He blushed. I got the master at his own game. After the games were over, Mo walked over to me, shook my hand, bummed a beer, and said, "You got me good today", with a big smile on his face.

I guess the point to my story is Mo was really a humble, mellow guy. I felt bads for making him blush. He showed us all the qualities that made us love him. He's human after all. We are trying our damnest to carry on the tradition that you mastered at Haliimaile. I just regret that I didn't take the time to know you better. I miss you Mo, but rest assured your legacy will live on.

Submitted byBart Evans, Player/Coach King of the Road, and apprentice heckler.
May 2002
playing ball.

by Rose Marie Falcon

I got to know Mo after a party we had at Tomas' house in Waikapu when Mo spent the night in my bed. I wasn't in it. But he was. I couldn't get him out of my bed because he had passed out, wrapped himself up like a burrito, and went comatose. The next morning, after I woke up from sleeping on the couch, Mo walked out of my bedroom and said, "What's for breakfast"? Pinchi asshole had the nerve to expect to be fed without even offering to help clean up all the bottles that he had dropped under my bed.

You couldn't get pissed off at Mo for very long though because he was just so outrageously hilarious.

After I fed his ass, he asked me, "So, was it good for you"? I said, "Yeah and you owe me money".

After that night, I actually called him for a date and he said, "Gee, I don't know, there will be talk".

We went out, we went back to his house, we TRIED to make out but we couldn't get passed our cracking up at each other. So, we decided to get drunk and talk about all you guys. Later, he asked me why he had such a hard time getting laid and I said, "Oh, gee I don't know Mo...maybe it could be your LAUGH".

He always made me laugh. Everytime I think of Mo I can still hear that disgusting laugh.

I will always miss it.

Rose Marie Falcon

Submitted byRose Marie Falcon, Wheelette
December 1, 2004