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Wiva Las Wegas!

Theme based on Polli's 16-13 victory over Wild Wheels Wentals October 2, 2004

Haliimaile Momorial Stadium, Maui, Hawaii.

"Ok boys, here's the offer", exclaimed Coach Kenny Wilson of the veteran "Polli's" (Mexican Restaurant) softball club. "If we beat Wild Wheels Wentals today, our club is guaranteed an "all-expenses trip to the Palms Las Vegas for the next filming of "The Wheel World", on MTV! "Wow, that is so cool dude, remarked recently named All-Star James "Abner" Doubleday.will we get a chance to play those slot machines called "Wheel of Fortune?" My Grandma won $1.3 million at the Stardust last week- and she met Wayne Newton too!"

"Not sure about that Abner, however, we are ALL required to take a random "PSI" test prior to the game to ensure that there is no illegal bat or glove doping - similar to the Olympics, this is recently approved mandatory policy set forth by the Haliimaile Board of Directors!" The Polli's and Wheels teams both agreed that they were OK with that as long as no rubber gloves were part of the process.

A PSI test represents "pounds per square inch", which everyone who's anyone knows, especially in the wheel and tire industry. Any glove or bat that is inflated above 48 PSI's is deemed illegal. Coach Wilson was apprehensive as his tortilla troops stepped up one by one for their PSI exams, however, they all passed this critical test for the 24th straight year.

Head Umpire Fred Bailey declared "Play Ball" as another hard-fought Polli's/Wheels battle ensued. Polli's jumped out to a quick 5-0 lead after the first inning and increased the margin to 13-6 after 5 innings. Not to be out-inflated, the WILD WHEELS WENTALS strapped on their emergency Michelin compressor tubes and rose up in the 6th to tie the game at 13 apiece. The PSI rating factor was measured at an all-time sniffling pitch as Polli's wetaliated in the 7th inning with 3 winning runs. Coach Wilson breathed a sigh of relief as the Wheels Pit Crew continued to compress CO2 patches on the hill, as assisted by the Wheelettes.

After the game, Coach Wilson gathered all of his boys for cold refreshments and awarded them their reward round-trip airline tickets to Las Vegas. "I don't care what Vanna White weality show we are destined for Woad Wules, Opwah or Surviwor, just woll me a 7 or 11 or a "WHEEL OF FORTUNE! "What happens in Haliimaile stays in Haliimaile!

Congratulations to the Wheels and Pollis for a well played game!

KelPro (see stats)

Haliimaile Softball Cover Blurb

Haliimaile Softball, "A League of Our Own", launched yet another successful opening day this past Saturday, a real tribute to the players, coaches, and most importantly, all of you fans!

A wildcat league that was born in the very early 1980's with a bunch of free-spirited "baby boomers" continues to grow and be transformed by the Generation X'ers and Echo Boomer's generations.

In other words, the Baby Boomers are trying to still run around the bases with and against their own kids and grandkids.

Get It?

Baseball, the greatest game in the world transcends all the generations, even in UpCountry Maui!

Can someone please pass the Ben Gay?


Long Shots - Polli's (Sept 25) Recap

"Bombs Away"
During Polli's legendary coach Kenny Wilson's opening day pre-game speech, it was apparent that he was not going to settle for another ambush season like year 2003. "Last year we were just a taco shell of our old selves, he lamented, and that is why we are going back to our basic training regiments that have made us who we are, virtual baseball bombers! With that said, Coach Wilson reached into his back pocket and pulled out a tin of professional eye black (the stuff major leaguers paint under their eyes), a handful of cotton lint and a couple of aluminum pull tabs. "Everyone on this team will apply a one inch strip of eye black under their left eye and right eye or you can ride in the back of the tank!", exclaimed General Wilson.

All-Star catcher James "Abner" Doubleday replied, " OK Coach Wilson, but what do we do with the lint?"

It was an ambush indeed as Chuck MacMillian's Long Shot squad maximized their mortar expertise in the first and second innings, striking open targets all over the field for an impressive 12-1 lead after 3 innings. As fans began to wonder about Coach Wilson's battle strategy, the wily field general gathered his troops in the fox-hole of a dug-out near first base and delivered a George Patton-like speech for the softball ages.

"Ok, calm down and play like the veterans you are, everyone put this black stuff all over your face like sunscreen so the Long Shots can't see where we are strategically positioning our defense. If they can't see us they can't beat us!" Doubleday, who spends a lot of time at the beach, asked Coach Kenny if he had any SPF 30 eye black. Wilson kicked Doubleday in the butt and told him that if he wanted to keep batting 8th in the batting order then he better be quiet or he would move to ninth faster than you can say "Kiwi Shoeshine Kit"!

The Long Shots mortar barrage ceased almost instantly as the battle-tested tough Polli's squadron realized that their foes were mere mortals. For the record, the Long Shots were shorthanded, and played with only 9 soldiers this day.

The Shots eleven run lead melted like molten mascara as Wilson's troops diffused any further strategy by staging a "21 RUN SALUTE" in the 4th and 5th innings for a 22-12 opening day win.

General Wilson treated his vets to an ice-cold refreshment after the game and his boys hoisted a victory cheer heard round Halimaille. After the celebration, most of the Polli's players were sharing a couple of anti-bacterial "Handi-Wipes", wiping their faces and trying to regain their visual identities, not to mention their vision.




It has been 4 years since Andy 'Mo' McLaughlin traveled UP another path Even though we cannot see him, at 6' 4" and 225 lbs. launching balls over the left-field wall or badgering ballplayer after ballplayer during Haliimaile Saturdays, we have not lost sight of the Mighty Mo!

What is MO?

According to Webster's Dictionary, here are our Haliimaile choices:

  • Mo month WRONG ANSWER
  • Mo Missouri WRONG ANSWER
  • Mo Chemical symbol for molybdenum MAYBE we think that is what his bat was made out of, his glove too not sure about his socks though.
  • Mo Momentum The impetus of a moving object (or Mo himself), equal to the product of its mass and velocity.

    Momentum is a great synonym for our old friend MO. His smile always had mo. His laugh always had mo. His zest for life always had mo. His unique qualities made everyone around him feel real comfortable, even if he was just pulling your leg or heckling your ball-playing ability from the famous hill. As far as the material world, Mo had less, but in reality, Mo had MO. Mo always helped people get mo, never turned down anyone in need of mo or a push forward when mo did not seem possible.

    So to all participating in the 4th annual 'MO-MORIAL' Halimaile Softball Tournament, try to catch a little 'MO', you don't need a glove, cleats or a bat, all you need is to emulate BIG MO and maybe apply a little mo in your everyday life.

    The Mo-Morial Halimaille Softball tournament is an annual fundraiser for Maui folks who may need a little 'MO',In the past 3 years, the event has helped to raise upwards of $2,500 to benefit the Jonathon Waxman Foundation and Maui Youth in need of baseball gear in honor of our friend Andy, Mo Mcglaughlin.

    Do you got Mo?


    A "Hey Man" Commentary...

    Hey Man, Everybody (and I mean everybody!) wants to WIN at some point, regardless of what game, the lottery (yeah baby), softball, golf, bowling, taxes, chess, checkers or (in the new era) video games! Or how about at your job, the stock market or saving at least $20 if you use your Safeway card.

    Hey Man, Nobody (and I mean nobody!) likes to lose, EVER!

    Hey Man, we've got some great players up here in Haliimaile and the scores, stats and standings reflect just that...the 2003/2004 season should be very exciting in the race for the pennant flag.

    Hey Man, don't count out anyone too early in the season.

    "Say Hey" Man, Is that Willie Mays out in Center Field?

    Stay tuned for some heated battles;

    Haliimaile Softball League "A League of Our Own".

    Hey Man.. If you have any concerns about proper English or grammar, please refer to the Dizzy Dean school of baseball. What do you think Pee Wee Reese?

    Say Hey Man, Kelpro


    Haliimaile Softball League
    Grand Opening - 2003/04

    Aloha and Mahalo to all of the players, families, volunteers and sports fans for an incredible opening to the 2004 Haliimaile softball season - year number 22 in America's Greatest Softball Park! Two weeks have passed and the race for the pennant is on.

    Where is the future of the Halimaille Softball League headed?

    How would this great league continue to forge ahead and carry on the tradition of fair play and old-fashioned fun in this fantastic forum? The answer is simple - we needed some CHANGE!

    And some change we got... seasoned players shifted teams like Curt Flood Free-Agents, for personal reasons (no not multi-million dollar contracts) which is OK in this League of Our Own! New players from all over Maui and the mainland have created new excitement, rookie rivalry and heckling fodder for the legendary "hill". Some all-time greats returned after softball sabbaticals to declare their passion for the game.

    There is a renewed sense of excitement in this place, and I was more than surprised when there were very few parking places on Saturday - more cars than have been counted in many years. More cars, more families, more kids, more blankets, more barbecues and more fun than can be remembered in many seasons, people just having a great Saturday at The Park hanging out under the giant Hawaiian MonkeyPod trees watching America's game - softball style.

    So where do we go from here?

    The answer is right on the field, right on the tip of your cap
  • Play the game the right way - fair and square.
  • Acknowledge good plays on both sides.
  • Respect all players, families, children and volunteer Umpires!.
  • Volunteer yourself to help - you will feel real good.
  • Share good times.
  • Keep a clean park.

    The future looks bright for this league - see you next week and next week and next year and next year and next year...


    Polli's vs No Hea - 04-12-03

    Haliimaile is the place to Be…
    Softball is the Life for Me…

    ~Green Acres~

    Mr. Douglas: Haliimaile is the place to be softball is the life for me, outfield grass is spreading far and wide "Honey I love you but give me that Rawlings Hide"

    Lisa: "Spreckelsville is where I'd rather stay, I get allergic smelling ben-gay, I just adore a pineapple view, darling I love you but give me the penthouse on Baldwin Avenue".

    (So Mr. Douglas says to Lisa "That's OK honey, then just stay home today, I will be home right after our game have a spa or shop Paia".

    Saturday, April 12, 2003. (As always for real game stats check)

    The Green Acres citizens of Haliimaile and the surrounding communities of Makawao, Pukalani, Kula, Haiku and Puunene Proper were alive with braided energy as softball fever folded old vs. not as old.

    The local barber shops and beauty salons were abuzz, wondering if a weathered veteran Polli's team could trim the challenges of a powerful, young and talented No Hea squad. In addition, the stylists, beauticians and colorists were very curious to actually viewing (in real time) receding hairlines, graying color schemes and the most unique trends in personal vitamin consumption (apparently barley and hops is the newest scientific medical breakthrough).

    Nohea softball skipper Larry, respected throughout Maui, the West Coast and as far inland as Petticoat Junction, assembled a team that has made it known that they are a future force

    Coach Kenny Wilson's tortilla troops came into the contest at an amazing 15 wins vs. 1 loss, hoping for a win to clinch the 2003 Haliimaile Pennant. Certainly, it has been a Green Acres Dream Season for Polli's. Let's meditate on Coach Kenny's (aka) Coach Oliver Douglass's dream game, and dream line-up nothing like a good dream. Remember, these vibrant dreams could be attributed to some of those thick and bubbling hot-cakes that Lisa and Oliver served as an early morning Ohana breakfast at the homestead

    Polli's Green Acre's Starting Line-Up:

  • Leading-Off EB (tall lead-off hitter& great dresser who can work the phone)
  • #2 Sam Drucker (known as a great bunter- great sacrificer)
  • #3 Arnold Ziffel (short strides, long ears) Clean-up: Mrs. Fred Ziffel (cleans up after Arnold and Fred)
  • #5 Fred. Ziffel (cleans up after Arnold and the Mrs.)
  • #6 Mr. Hoene (rumors are he sold the Polli's team to???Sam Drucker??)
  • #7 Mr. Douglass (cleans up after Eb- drags infield with his tractor))
  • #8 Mr. Kimball (or he is # 3 batter, or # 7 or #1 (secretly likes Lisa)
  • #9 Lisa (known for great buns/great hot-cakes (secretly likes Eb)

    Meanwhile, back at Green Acres

    WOW Where Am I? I dreamt about one of the greatest softball games ever , exclaimed Eb as he awakened from his nap and dream-like state? You call that a dream Eb? - Why yes Mr. Douglass When Arnold slid in head first to win the game, well that was really something. In fact, he is being interviewed on ESPN right now by Dan, Dibs and Lisa! Oh C'Mon exclaimed Mr. Douglass.

    No Hea pounded on the Polli's small-town impersonators with a barrage of tractor-stalling base-hits, extra base-hits and great plays in the field. In fact, they were 'Out-standing in their field'. Amassing a 14 run lead after 5 innings, they appeared unstoppable. However, a pork-bellied power surge on Wall Street sunk into Lisa's Sprecklesville Stock portfolio, spurring spontaneous spokesperson and second-baseman Mr. Hoene to not surprisingly sell short, surprisingly surpressing the strong statement of strength by No Hea.

    In the end, it was a 27-26 victory by Polli's, clearly clinching and consuming the 2003 Haliimaile pennant flag. After the game, Polli's teammates charged up the hill upon hearing that they could make free long-distance phone calls to immediate relatives. Mixing in refreshing beverages and stories of legendary harvests, members of the Polli's team climbed one-by-one to meet Eb at the top of the telephone pole to call around the world about the Halimaiile Softball League

    "Hello. This is the Green Acres AT&T Operator; Will you accept a collect call from a Mr. Kimball? He claims his Great Grandfather invented baseball in Haliimaile in 1869.

    Congratulations to all those who played this great game between No Hea and Polli's.

    Kelly Fliear

  • Polli's vs Wheels - April 5th 2003

    Coach Wilson
    's Theory of Wheelativity

    Polli's vs Wild Wheels Wentals
    ~A Theory of Deflation~
    (as supported by James Abner Doubleday Einstein)

    Carrying a 14-1 record into Saturday's suspected slugfest with the HOT WHEELS, Polli's coach Kenny Wilson spent extra hours in his special mediation area working on his basic x's and o's. He knew his Polli's team were marked men and that all those on the hill would be wooting for the underwog wheels. As he sipped on a cold one, he created his own theory of deflation, not sure how it would work out, only knowing that Einstein could not possibly be wong. Here is a synopsis of Coach Wilson's theory:

    Supported from a 34 inch/26 ounce Demarini bat are 10 test tubes placed inch from each other in the space from knee to chest (the wheel zone). At the top of the hitting instrument is a large wubber inner-tube donut designed to hold air, similar to the wheel of an everyday car, truck or airplane tire. Continual tension will cause the displacement of air from each of the experimental tubes, causing a slow but sure deflating shoooooooooooooo until air is completely displaced with -????-were not real sure. In the end, no air wesults in no compression and inability to woll.

    Wild Wheels Wilt With Wack of Woxygen!

    It was a wild and wooly Wheels Wed Sox squad who were wesolved to wipe the wimpy league leaders away or at least worry them.

    What a game for Hailimaile histowy.

    For the statistics, dial into the box score For the emotion, just ask the players..

    Wheels Catcher Murph: "I cannot wemeber anything quite like it, it was a total battle of air, who would run out first! In the past, many of our players never even ran out first!

    Polli's second baseman Chris: "These Wild Wheel Wental games are always competitive, just like their wental wates on baby cribs, baby seats and other necessary wental items."

    Wheels Left Fielder Roger: Like the old saying goes, Our goal is to wotate our wine-up so that we can apply maximum tire pressure on our wivals. There are no speed bumps or potholes we can not overcome. It ain't Oval till it's Oval!

    In summary, it was a gweat game!!!!

    Tied 15-15 heading into the bottom of the seventh and inevitably the final inning, the Wild Wheels were poised to puncture, patch and pounce on Polli's Coach Wilson's theory of deflation. After all, what would a way-out wacko named abner-doubleday Einstein know about spontaneous inflation, softball creation and playing for your nation!

    With one out, Wheels shortstop Rob laced a base hit to build a maximum tread life to victory, A twemedous line drive by Rick folloed on Wuss'es first offering, sending left-center fielder Kevin Fanawa deep to the warning track, where he weached up and snared the ball in his wallowing web for out #2; But that's not all folks. Fanawa whipped the welay throw to Fliear who wifled an-inning-ending double-play dart to first base, doubling up a beleagured Wick (aka Rick).

    Polli's scored 4 in the top of the 8th and Wheels went Can'OKournakova 1, Can'OKournakorva 2 and Can'OKournakova 3 to end the game.

    This game is all about physics, exclaimed Coach Wilson (as he let out a major shoooooooo of welief) as he led his tortilla troops up to the hill for an after game refreshment.

    One for the record books - Kelly Fliear

    Polli's vs Pounders - March 15th 2003

    Dateline, Saturday, March 15

    Haliimaile, Maui, Hawaii


    Polli’s Pound-for-Pound Prizefight Power Punch Pulverizes Pounders

    Last Saturday's game between the 2002 league and tournament champion Pounders and the all-time and perennial champion Polli's squad shaped up to be a heavyweight clash of titan porportions.Prior to the game, Hall-of-Fame broadcaster Howard Cosell had a chance for an exclusive interview with legendary coach Kenny Wilson about his teams chances and their overall dominance of the league since 1982

    COSELL: Hello again everyone, this is Howard Cosell, speaking of sports, today I am sitting with Kenny Wilson, the all-time winningest coach in Haliimaile Softball history, a real heavyweight champ, Tell me champ, how does it feel to face your arch rival Pizza Fresh Pounders?

    WILSON: Well, this will be our 3rd meeting this season and we split the first two games, both gothic battles of championship strength and mettle. We have had some epic confrontations in the past, but truly, I believe that they're to ugly to be the champs!

    COSELL: Point well taken Coach Wilson sounds like something the greatest, Muhammad Ali, would have said. What is your strategy for today's game?

    WILSON: I told my veteran players;

    Float like a butterfly and

    Sting like a bee

    Cause their bats can't hit

    What their eyes can't see!

    COSELL: Excellent quote coach you are truly a tremendous conveyor of sports vernacular! Who is pitching for you today?

    WILSON: We are going to go with our big lefty Russ, who throws a great dark one. I was leaning towards the veteran Paul Hagan, however, we aren't sure if he is going to make it today, he said something about getting his house cleaned and in order. He pitched a great game for us last week against Nohea. We are confident that Russ can punch out pounders in a pinch.

    COSELL: Are their any inspirational principles for your pre-game speech today?

    WILSON: I just told my guys.

    If they can make penicillin out of moldy pizza dough, they can certainly make something out of you ballplayers

    COSELL: There you have it American legendary Coach Kenny Wilson laying it down the line with frank talk and a first-place walk, Let's see who can walk the walk and talk the talk, this is Howard Cosell, speaking of sports

    P.S. That Hall-of-Fame Good Strokes guy Tomas looks like my colleague Dandy Don Meredith! I wonder if he is looking for work!

    The Thrillah-in-Maui Manilla did not measure up to the excitement of games #1 and #2 as Polli's pummeled Pounders for 6 runs in the Round One and three more Round Two for a commanding 9-1 score by all three judges. Mike Andersen's jab after jab kept the Pounders defense at bay with a consistent right-field barrage. Kevin Fanara loaded up with a tremendous right cross that somehow turned into a left hook, just inside the foul pole in left field for a powerful power-packed home-run poke.

    In between rounds, Coach Wilson continued to stress to his team to go for timely body punches take the yeast out of their pizza dough with a couple of good shots of tequila (available at Polli's in Makawao) Russ, Kelly, Abner, Andy and the rest of the supporting cast responded with plenty of body shots to all areas (except below the belt)

    In all fairness to reigning champion Pounders, they were not at full strength without stalwart 3rd basemen Klasch and veteran right fielder Trox (injured reserve list). Official scorekeeper CJ tripled to left field which temporarily stunned the Polli's gameplan. Although they gained some momentum in rounds 4 and 5 with good defensive efforts, they never threatened the veteran Polli's squad thereafter, who prevailed 15-9.

    In the immediate post-game interview up on the hill, Cosell was able to once again ask Coach Wilson about his theory of winning matches.

    WILSON: I don't always know what I'm talking about but I know I'm right.

    This is Howard Cosell, SPEAKING OF SPORTS!

    Kelly Fliear

    Polli's vs King of the Road - March 8th 2003

    Click here for Karaoke
    If you have trouble playing the song, Click Here.

    As the old Roger Miller song went.


    Haillimaile ballpark was like a road under construction for King of the Road last Saturday as they ran into a series of barricades and delays in their quest to upset league-leading Polli's. The major roadblock for KOR was the heavy construction-like work ethic pounded into Coach Kenny Wilson's squad during Wilson's pre-game speech in which he likened this game to the Kahului highway 380 highway construction project.

    I want everyone to bring a blue-collar attitude into this work area, no fun today boys - Do NOT take KOR lightly because they are putting a good team on the field. So put on your hardhats and helmets and don't be afraid to get dirt under your fingernails and I do not want to hear one utterance of Trailer for Sale or Rent or Roger Millers name!

    Wilson's inspirational speech thus inspired these upcountry Polli's teamsters to prevail 18-8 in a five inning workman-like win over the frustrated Road Kings. Russ, Fred and Kelly paved the way with a combined 9 for 9 performance at the plate. Although Benito tried to stunt the hitting barrage with his patented behind-the-back specials, Polli s wrecking crew of Kevin, Charlie, Jimmy and Andy responded with some heavy iron work at the dish. Chris Vierra hit a big fly off the Ingersall Rand forklift in the left field seats to signal the union workers of the neighboring ILWU that Pollis meant business on this day.

    Ironically, it was Wilson who earned the Orange Vest award of the Day for his own veteran squad by driving in the game clinching run in the bottom of the fifth with a ree-bar like line-drive up the middle.

    By the end, King of the Road realized it just wasn't a good day for traveling, but they did give a hard effort and received strong hitting performances from Bob, James, Benito, James and Eric, even if it was in a losing cause.

    And then it was up the hill for a couple of cold ones, a couple of laughs and a big sigh of relief knowing that Coach Kenny was not going to raise our team union dues for another game or two.


    Kelly Fliear

    Polli's vs Fred's Electric - Febuary 8th 2003

    's Short Circuits Freds Electric for a 16-6 Victory..

    In a game that involved some inadvertent MECO rolling black-outs, Polli's cruised to a 16-6, five inning affair over the usually live squad of Fred's Electric. It was great to see Fred's long-time chief Fred back on the mound, directing currents of positive energy in a large halo around Haliimaile field. However, somehow some red and yellow wires got crossed and the veteran squad from Polli's recognized early on in the game that maybe there was no ground for Fred's to stand on this particular day.

    Polli's squad was extremely fired up for the game from the outset. Coach Kenny Wilson led his tortilla troops with his new found Yoga Chants of .OHM OHM OHM and AMP AMP AMP during stretching and warm-ups.

    Charlie Frerking, Andy DeMello and Kevin Fanara provided potent and patented power that would melt the toughest cheddar cheese in the oldest and original Polli's microwave (please do not set the dial on the popcorn setting). As they all crossed home plate, they glowed like nuclear experiments, much to the dismay of Coach Bailey. Laser-like glares pierced the umpires chest protector as Bailey tried to change the momentum with his back-up battery.

    Zach, Jeff and Frank provided a spark of energy, but it just was not enough on this beautiful, sunny Saturday.

    The rumor is that Halimaiile is considering solar panels on the dug-out roofs. Whatever that means.

    Kelly Fliear

    Polli's vs Pounders - November 9th 2002

    Early-Bird Special

    Fresh out of spring training and with only one game under their belts, long-time powerhouses Pizza Fresh Pounders and Polli's Mexican Restaurant softball clubs gave Haliimaile fans all their coolers could handle. As has happened so many times in past battles, this Klasch of Maui softball veterans proved to worthy of the game spellbinding athletic.. and full (well maybe full) of World Series-like tension.

    Facing off this early in the schedule is unusual, but we know we are always in for a real Coors Light Dog Fight when we play the Pounders, remarked Polli's long-time skipper and league commissioner Kenneth Kenny Wilson.

    It took only one inning for the fireworks to set-off, as Polli's took command with an 8-1 lead heading into the 3rd inning, thanks to timely hits up and down their line-up, including key hits spread from #1 through #10.

    The Pounders, shedding their mozzarella cheese hangovers, responded like champions, hit-for-hit, slice-by-slice, glug-by-glug with a bottom of the third rally that resulted in a brand new game, tied up at 9-9. Our rivalry is typically a smorgasbord of offense, stated Rob Roberts, who celebrated his 31st birthday earlier in the week (huh?); with a little extra cheese and pepperoni.

    The rest of the game became a batter-by-batter, hit-by-hit and exciting play-by-play, reminiscent of so many of the previous Polli's/Pounders battles. Tremendous plays in the field included great catches by Jon Viela, Chad, Trox and Kid Fanara.

    The Pounders, facing an 8 run deficit entering the bottom of the 7th, looked to be easy prey after 2 quick outs to begin the final inning WRONG!

    A furious rally resulted in a 24-22 score with 2-outs and the tying run on second base Polli's defense was on their heels, however, the final line-drive out found a retirement home in the web of Fred Peterson's Wilson A-2000 glove.

    Final Score Polli's 24 - Pounders 22


    Polli's Players of the Game - Kaina, Viela, Vierra, Peterson (Fred)

    Pounders Players of the Game Consult with Rob Roberts

    Kelly Fliear