March 16, 1996 -- Revised: 3/3/2010

The Hali'imaile Softball League is an independent slow pitch softball league which was established in 1978. These bylaws will govern the organization and playing conditions of the league. The bylaws will be reviewed and amended as necessary prior to the commencement of each season at the pre-season coaches' meeting. Effective March, 2007; the league must have a one million dollar insurance policy to protect the County of Maui from lawsuits.
This policy has been obtained from Sadler & Company of SC through Sportsplex Operators & Developers Association (S.O.D.A.).


  1. There will be mandatory coaches' meeting prior to the commencement of each season.

  2. The league's officers will include a commissioner, a treasurer, and a secretary. The performance of all league officers will be reviewed during the coaches' meeting prior to the following season

  3. Each team will pay an entry fee of $150 per season. A $75 deposit will be required of each team prior to the first game of the regular season. The $75 balance will be due by the eighth game of the season. Failure to pay the deposit or the $75 balance may result in the forfeiture of games until the deposit or balance is paid. Entry fee money is used to purchase insurance, bases, balls, and fund the post season league party.

  4. League insurance must be renewed annually and it is usually purchased each January. Each team may be required to contribute additionally towards paying the insurance fee. Team insurance is also available through Sandler Insurance. Each team may purchase insurance on their own if they so desire.

  5. The league will consist of eight teams. During the regular season, each team will play the other seven teams twice each for a total of fourteen games. The team with the best regular season record will be the regular season champion.

  6. In the event of first place tie during the regular season, the league champion will first be determined by head to head competition. If a split of the regular season's series has occurred, then a playoff game will be played at the conclusion of the regular season to determine the league champion. Places 3 through 8 will be determined by head to head competition and in the event of a tie, by run differential.

  7. There will be a double elimination post season tournament. Tournament pairings will be determined by the regular season final standings and structured as follows:
    1 vs. 8
    2 vs. 7
    3.vs. 6
    4 vs. 5

  8. A quarterly permit must be obtained from the County of Maui's Department of Parks and Recreation prior to the commencement of each season. Permits are only issued for three month periods therefore two to three permits will be needed per season. A $100 deposit is required to reserve the Haliimaile field. This deposit is renewed annually.

  1. A league schedule shall be prepared prior to the commencement of each season by the secretary. The schedule shall include the following information:

      • Team names with assigned numbers (1 - 8) with respective coaches names and telephone numbers. At the league meeting before each season, team captains will pull numbers for team number assignment in an attempt to create a fair schedule.

      • Date and time of all regular season games.

      • Weekly commissioners shall be designated under each playing date. Schedule will be altered so that the weekly commissioner does not have to play the first game as it would be difficult to find umpires.

      • Home team shall be listed first on the schedule.

  2. There will no "Byes" allowed under any circumstances however, games may be rescheduled upon mutual consent of the coaches of all teams impacted by the schedule change.

  3. There will be no games played on major holiday weekends including Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

  4. To keep games on schedule, the first game must start promptly at 9:00 a.m. No batting practice is allowed before games.


  1. Each team will be assigned weekly commissioner duties as per the league schedule. All teams will be weekly commissioner twice per season with the exception of teams #1 and #4 which shall be weekly commissioner once per season.

  2. Weekly commissioner duties shall include:
        • Show up at park no later than 8:45 am.

        • Set up scoreboard, bases before first game and return scoreboard, bases to storeroom after last game.

        • Rake around bases, home plate and pitcher's mound and line the field before each game.

        • It shall be the weekly commissioner coach's responsibility to schedule sanctioned umpires for the week's games. The home plate umpire (the chief umpire) shall be sanctioned by the N.S.A. Each team's coach has the option of selecting a sanctioned umpire(s) for his game that is acceptable to both teams. However, if only one sanctioned umpire is available, that umpire will officiate the game without any protest from the respective team's coaches.

        • Supply new balls for each game and retrieve balls after games. The league treasurer shall provide weekly commissioner with four new balls per week.

        • Keep games moving with minimal delays. The day's first game must start at 9:00 a.m. so that later games will not be delayed.

        • Pick up rubbish around field after last game.

  3. Team coaches shall insure that their teams fulfill the responsibilities of the weekly commissioner.


  1. The league shall follow standard N.S.A. rules unless otherwise specified below.

  2. Batters will start with a one ball and one strike count.

  3. Batters will be allowed one bonus foul ball after two strikes. The batter is considered out after hitting a second foul ball after two strikes have been recorded.

  4. The "Ten Run Rule" will be in effect meaning that if a team is trailing by ten or more runs after five innings, the game is over.

  5. The core rating of ball used during league play will be voted upon during the seasonal coaches' meeting. The ball shall be evaluated during mid-season and changes can be made at this time.

  6. One courtesy runner per inning is allowed. The player who made the last out shall serve as the courtesy runner.

  7. The strike zone is generally a three foot minimum arc from the pitcher's release to maximum arc of ten feet. Each umpire however, is allowed to use his own judgement.

  8. If a team is short on players, that team may "pick up" three players to fill no more than nine playing positions. The players which are "picked up" must be approved by the opposing team coach.

  9. If a team loses it's tenth player during a game due to unforseen circumstances, that team shall not forfeit an out when the missing player is due to bat. That team may add a replacement player pending the opposing coach's discretion.

  10. Any team which forfeits two games during the regular season shall have their eligibility reviewed prior to the commencement of the next season. This review will be conducted by the league's officers and the coaches of the other teams.

  11. During the course of the season, a player may change teams. However, that player must sit out one game before playing with his new team. If the player does not sit out one game before playing with his new team, that team will forfeit the game.

  12. All players must play in at least three (3) regular season games to be eligible to participate in the post season tournament.

  13. Each team is allowed three (3) over the fence home runs per game. It a ball his hit over the fence after the team's third home run, the batter(s) will be considered out.

  14. No batter shall step on OR in front of the plate, while playing a pitch.


  1. All players shall exercise good sportsmanship while participating in the league. Respect shall be shown to umpires as they are volunteering their time to help out the league.

  2. All players shall refrain from the use of foul and abusive language.

  3. All players will refrain from littering the ball park.

  4. Alcoholic beverages shall not be allowed on the field at any time.

  5. All players are urged to participate in league activities including work day, umpiring, litter pick-up, post season party preparation, trophies, fund raisers etc. Your kokua is greatly appreciated!