Boyd Groom
Memorial Page

November 20th, 1949 - Febraury 14th, 2008
He is survived by his wife, Deborah Groom; a son, Derek Groom; a sister, Wendy Reid; and a brother, Darrell Groom.

by Steve Rappenecker of Wheels

Our beloved man behind the curtain, Boyd Groom, passed away this past Valentine's Day. Many of you remember Boyd from his HSL playing days but most of you know him because of his love and dedication to this league. Boyd was the driving force behind the first website that chronicled our great league. He didn't ask for much in return and never sought the spotlight which is pretty much how he lived his life. He was a good friend to many HSL'rs and will be dearly missed.

I've left the last words he placed on our site below because it sums up all Boyd wanted for our league. Thanks to all who helped celebrate Boyd's life on opening day especially his ex-wife and son. Take care Boyd.

"Aloha and have a great Tournament, Boyd"

Aloha Boyd! Take some BP with Mo and Monte.