About Us:

The League was started in 1978 and is a league that is run by the players. It is a unique league that allows all players to participate whether they are a novice or semi-pro and teams to stay together and not be broken apart. We are sanctioned by the National Softball Association (NSA). Our umpires are all volunteers and are not paid for their duties. They do it for the sake of this unique league and, of course, take a lot of abuse at times. Good sportsmanship is our main concern besides having a full cooler of beer after finishing your game.

The league has a character of it's own. In particular, there is a hill on the 3rd base side of the diamond, called "Heckler's Hill" where it is legal (and fun) to heckle the players on the field with no remorse and no holds barred. If you finish the game without a heckle you're probably new to the league. We also take care of the field and each team has commission duties during the course of a season where it is their duty to run the games that day, including field maintainence, trash clean-up and supply umpires.

It's located 1073 ft. up the side of a volcano - 10,024 Ft. "Mt. Haleakala" - in the Plantation Town of Haliimaile and is surrounded by Sugarcane and Pineapple fields. A unique part of the playing field is the fact that it is sunken and you observe the games from the hills that surround it. The other most noticeable landmark of the field are the giant Banyan and Monkey Pod tree's that were planted over 60 year's ago. Over the years the field has been worked by the league and is now one of the best fields on Maui. Each year at the beginning of the season we have a field work day. We do maintenance on the field and the result has been a field that is something to proud of.

Haliimaile Softball League has become a family league where many of the original member's children have now grown up to play in the league. One of the favorite sayings of the league is, "The older we get, the faster we was". We have members that have been in the league from the conception and are still quality softball players. The team names have changed but the limit of 8 teams remains the same. The games are played on Saturday mornings starting at 9:00 AM and each game plays out at it's own pace with no time limit, usually 3 to 4 games in a day, until all games are played. We allow teams, that are a few players short, to pick up players with the other teams coach's approval. You won't be allowed to pick up the best players but you will get to play your game.

There is a tournament at the end of each season which finishes with a league party and an awards ceremony. Along with the usual 1st, 2nd, 3rd, we give out MVP, RBI, Batting Average and Homerun awards. There is also the "Jonathan Waxman Award" given to the most civic minded person who donates they're time without compensation. Sometimes we give out a humerous award like the infamous broken bat award for the worst batting average. Afterwards we barbeque and listen to live music - we usually have a band made up of the musicians within the league. Then we have a small break of 6 to 8 weeks and start the season over.

The last event we have is a tournament in honor of our friend, Mo Mclaughlin, who passed away in 2000. It is called the Mo Memorial Tournament (Mo-morial) and the money made from the tournament is given to a charity in Mo's name. There is a tree planted with Mo's ashes just outside the left field fence where he hit many over. The tree is manicured and cared for by many people in the league. He was the League Commissioner before he passed away. His good natured, relentless heckling and easy going style will always be missed.

Hali'imaile Softball League will hopefully be around for many years to come. We entered 2001 with our own website and hope to use it for the good of the league. You will be able to access the schedule or see your picture or card. It will have stat's and standings along with average's of the players. Hopefully others who have played in this league but are no longer on this island can use it to keep in touch. Let us know how your doing. The Haliimaile Softball League sends its aloha to all who read this and a special thanks to all it's member's who give there time to make this league what it is.
Update 2012 - After Boyd's passing, I took over the website in 2010 and performed a major upgrade, however the passwords for many of the photo albums were lost. I have recreated all that could be rescued and reformated under the Pictue Galleries Menu. Feel free to contact me to add any old team pics you wish to see added - Mahalo, Music Man, Colin

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